Sparky the Hummingbird is a Classic Themed animated short series about a brave little hummingbird who explores and guides his viewers about their goals, passion and interactions. Sparky was first developed by Enrique Guinea when he went on vacation to Palm Springs in Spring 2012. His design was inspired by Enrique's trip to a mall and saw a yellow hummingbird flying close to him. It never flinched by his movements. Guinea animated his first project of Sparky at Coronado High School and was awarded for "Best 2D Animation" and "Audience Choice Award".


During Guinea's years at the Art Institute of California San Diego, he kept writing more stories and developed Sparky's characterization. No new episode was made due to Enrique's desire by perfecting a character's personality. Soon in February 2015, Sparky flies free once again with a new character as a symbol to viewers to get motivated and making their dreams come true.


Sparky the Hummingbird symbolizes Enrique's point of view to the world. An inspiration of Disney's characterizations and potentially becoming a mascot at Enrique's own future animation studio.