Enrique Guinea is an artist, editor, & 2D animator from Coronado, California. He graduated at the Art Institute of California-San Diego in September 2015 with a Major on Media Arts & Animation.

He has earned Animation awards in the Coronado High School Film Festival for Best Animation, Audience Choice and Best Sound Editing.

Enrique's body of work across illustration and animation represents symbolism, story driven concepts, subject matters, & influenced styles in culture. He works in 2D digital animation using hand drawn frame by frame process to create fluid retrospective animation.

One of his most proudest works was Sparky the Hummingbird, an animated character created back in 2012. He is a little hummingbird who's symbolized as a small spark of motivation, helping viewers to achieve their goals. His latest animation on Sparky has made appearances in film festivals receiving Best Animated Short Film Award.

Enrique is available for both animation, storyboard, illustration projects & editing.


Sparky the Hummingbird